Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding Do's and Don't's / North Carolina Wedding Planner

   We love that couples these days have the freedom to embrace their individuality and personal style. No longer are brides confined to wearing only long, white gowns, being married in a church with the reception in the fellowship hall, and eating vanilla cake. 
   There are a few do's and don't's to keep in mind, however, so we've put together a little list. Some are are things we've learned along the way and others are pure etiquette. 

Don't: Ask for cash only gifts. One word, tacky.
Do: Register for gifts.

Don't: Feel like you have to buy all new things for your wedding day. If you already have a pair of shoes or earrings you love, why not wear them?
Do: Splurge on a few things that make you feel special and beautiful.

Don't: Force the groom to be involved in every aspect. Most men just aren't that concerned with all the little details.
Do: Involve the groom in big decisions like the venue, food, and cake.

Don't: Buy a dress in a size or two smaller than you are in hopes of fitting into by the "big day."
Do: Buy a dress that flatters your figure, whatever size, and that's true to your own style.

Don't: Completely change your makeup look for the day. If you normally wear little to no make-up, don't go all smoky-eyed and red-lipped.
Do: Wear the amount of make-up that you feel comfortable in so you look more special, but still like yourself.

Don't: Stress about going around to every table at your reception.
Do: Thank every guest you do get to talk to for coming and take a few minutes from dancing to talk to who you can.

Don't: Spend your reception rushing from the first dance, to the cake cutting, to the bouquet toss, to the toasts, etc.
Do: Take time at your reception to just enjoy the moment with your new husband and soak it all up.

Don't: Feel obligated to tip your vendors if you've been unhappy with your service.
Do: Tip vendors that do a great job and go above and beyond for you.

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