Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The benefits of an at-home wedding / North Carolina Wedding Planner

   We love professional wedding venues. We love that each one is unique, they set-up and tear-down everything, and they're extremely experienced in hosting events...among many other lovely benefits. Some bride's though, your's truly included, opt for the flexibility and familiarity that an at-home wedding has to offer. We've done quite a few at home weddings and are wholeheartedly for this. Today we just wanted to share with y'all a little list of the benefits of this option, just in case you're considering making your own special day a home-grown one. 

The benefits of having your wedding at home:
-No rental fee 
-Access to the venue whenever you (or your planners) want. Need to set-up days early or or want to party into the wee hours of the morning? No problem. It's all yours. 
-Freedom to decorate however you desire. No rules about hanging things from the ceiling, moving furniture, etc...
-The wedding party gets to get dressed in a nice, familiar spot with all your belongings nearby. No making-do in the church nursery or leaving your water proof mascara and garter at home.
-The freedom to use whichever vendors you choose. No preferred vendors list to comply with.
-The pride and memories that come with celebrating at a place already so close to your heart.