Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trend We Love / Cookies! / North Carolina Wedding planner

   Cookies, cookies, cookies. This is a delightful new trend we've been seeing a lot of that would make the Cookie Monster proud. We love that cookies can be so versatile....

   Oreos, or any other cookies (frosted sugar cookies would be delightful), are an affordable option to replace a wedding cake.

   After your guests have been dancing for a while and the sun has been long gone, cookies and milk are the perfect last night snack, especially when they're served like this.

   Cookie bars with lots of options satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

    Individually wrapped cookies make sweet place cards.

   Cookies for guests to nibble on their way home make for thoughtful and delicious favors.

   Anyone else dying for a big ol' cookie and cold glass of milk now?

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