Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Special and Affordable Wedding Dresses / North Carolina Wedding Planner

   First of all, happy New Year friends! This past year was so good to us and we know 2013 will be even more grand!
   A lot of gents choose Christmastime or New Years to pop that special question so we're guessing there's a lot of newly engaged ladies out there just dying to get to planning.
   Of course all aspects of the wedding are important but, let's be honest, the best part is picking out a dress. We've rounded up some dresses that encourage you to think a little outside the box. These dresses are affordable because they're from stores that we'd normally buy clothes at, but they're still special enough for your special day. These lovely options are most fitting for a more casual, small wedding, a more out-of-the-ordinary type of event, or perhaps an elopement. Too casual for you? Each of them would make a pretty fabulous rehearsal dress don't ya think?

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